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1980 Charly DeseretBook:  (Cassette)
1980 First Day of Forever Out of Print
1981 Sam Out of Print
1981 Punch and Cookies Forever Out of Print
1982 The Reunion Out of Print
1983 Pepper Tide Out of Print
1984 A New Dawn Out of Print
1985 The Understudy Out of Print
1986 Last of the Big-Time Spenders Out of Print
1986 If Talent Were Pizza, You'd Be a Supreme LDSHarvest:  (Book)
1987 Sara - Whenever I Hear Your Name Out of Print
1987 A Small Light in the Darkness Out of Print
1988 Brenda at the Prom Out of Print
1989 Stephanie Out of Print
1990 Michelle & Debra DeseretBook:  (Hard Cover)  (Soft Cover)
1992 Kimberly Out of Print
1992 Mega Powers Out of Print
1993 Nicole DeseretBook:  (Cassette) (Book)
1994 On the Run DeseretBook: (Book)
1995 Night on Lone Wolf Mountain DeseretBook: (Book)
1996 Lean On Me DeseretBook: (Cassette) (Book)
1997 Brittany byubookstore: (Book)
1998 Jake DeseretBook: (Book)
1999 Emily DeseretBook: (Book)
2000 Ashley & Jen LDSHarvest:  (Book)
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Jack Weyland
Charly   Top

Meet Sam, the straitlaced computer-science major from Brigham Young University. And then meet Charly, the sparkling, quick-witted girl who steps into his world and turns it upside down. Their courtship is a never-ending round of ups and downs— literally. On their first date Charly tricks Sam into taking a Ferris wheel ride, then tells the operator they're engaged! All of this seems to be a little more than Sam can cope with. But he gradually comes to appreciated Charly's point of view. From the girl who loves to laugh, he learns to do the same. He finds out for the first time what it's like to be really alive. Charly is a story of joy and spontaneity, learning and loving, and, most of all, growing.
Michell & Debra   Top

Michelle and Debra begins when Michelle and her best friend, Debra, are thirteen and enjoying the activities of girls camp. Michelle, a faithful young woman, tries to encourage and influence Debra to make more responsible decisions. Debra, however, does not place as much importance on the gospel and never makes a full commitment to abstain from immoral behavior.

The chapters about the two girls alternate with the story of Shane, who grows up in Montana and prepares for a mission and returns while the girls are progressing through high school in Utah. The decisions that Michelle, Debra, and Shane make determine the results that come from keeping or breaking their commitments. In the story, a beautiful temple wedding illustrates the blessings that can be rewarded to those who live up to their commitments.
Mega Powers   Top

The evil Dr. Gork has turned your dog into a giant beast! Do you need special powers, or will science do? With Mega Powers, kids can explore science by imagining their adventures as a young hero endowed with amazing strength, force fields, invisibility, and more. This original book, illustrated in comic-book style, explores the truth behind such sci-fi phenomena.
LDS author
Nicole   Top

She had the most beautiful jade green "cat " eyes he had ever seen. They were so betwitching that he found it difficult to maintain eye contact and argue with her at the same time. Josh Dutton has just made the winning shot for his high school basketball team and Nicole Stegman acts as if she couldn't care less. Such is the begining for Jack Weyland's newest novel, Nicole. It's not long before Nicole realizes Josh isn't so self-centered; in fact he seems to communicate with her brother Richard pretty well. Richard is fourteen and has mental disabilites. The relationship quickly develops between Josh and NIcole. Josh is determined to get the inative Stegmans back to church, even if takes changing the wards attitude. He also learns how to give unconditional love about service to others as his friendship with Richard develops. But when Josh and Nicole graduate and go to college, their romance wanes. Will Nicole still be around when Josh gets back from his mission? What can he do to win her back?
On the Run   Top

When Elder Nathan Williams shakes hands with his mission president and boards the plane to go home at the end of his mission, he's excited to see his family again. But from the moment he encounters Jessica, a lovely Sioux young woman, in his assigned seat, the plans he had for a peaceful, reflective flight home quickly take a turn for the unexpected. When Nathan is reluctantly drawn into an FBI drug investigation, he and Jessica find themselves playing a deadly game of "Keep Away!" And the other players are serious about it -- deadly serious.

For their safety, the two young people are soon on the run, and Nathan is unable to return home as planned, much less let his parents know what has happened. How does an unofficially released returned missionary deal with a developing romantic relationship while his life is in danger? If he completes his new "mission" to Washington, D.C., will Nathan be able to return safely to the potato farm in Idaho? Jack Weyland mingles action and adventure with the societal problem of racial discrimination in this exciting novel.
Jack Weyland
Night on Lone Wolf Mountain & Other Short Stories   Top

When two young women get into a quarrel at girls camp, their leaders sentence them to spend the night together away from the rest of the group. What happens to them in their solitary camp is the subject of Night on Lone Wolf Mountain. That and seven other new stories by Jack Weyland are included in this volume.

Some of the young people in this book find themselves in difficult situations:

A high-school history class is suddenly transformed into a battle zone when a disgruntled student brings a gun to school.

A Newly called missionary discovers what happens when he doesn't tell the truth in his pre-mission interviews.

A young woman who is investigating the church has to defend her newfound faith to her favorite uncle, who just happens to be an ordained minister.

Jack Weyland knows what goes on in high school and how young people feel and act and speak. He knows how it feels when young parents misjudge your friends or act as though they don't trust you. He can describe what it is like to feel picked on or left out, and how it is when your leaders get on your case for not paying attention in church. But he also remembers how it feels to be young and full of energy, excited about being with friends, going to dances and activities, playing sports, and discovering you have a testimony.

This book will take you to girls camp, the shopping mall, school and church- places you know all about. But what happens there will surprise and entertain you in these fun and thought provoking stories by a favorite LDS author.

Lean on Me   Top

What do you get when you take two girls and three guys with great voices and lively personalities and combine them with some good old songs like "Boardwalk" and "Stand by Me"? In Rexburg, Idaho, it all adds up to Fast Forward, the a cappella group that features lead singer Amber Whittaker, and the strong, supportive bass, Greg Foster. Best friends Amber and Greg exchange advice on everything best friends can—dating, music, friends, etc. In Jack Weyland's new novel, Lean on Me, Greg finds himself falling for Amber, who thinks of him only as a buddy. The best-selling author recounts the story of their relationship as they mature, perform in a popular musical group, and learn to cope with the changing dynamics in their relationship. Written in Jack Weyland's breezy and entertaining style, the novel moves quickly through time, progressing to the months following Greg's mission. Still in love with Amber, Greg finally reveals his feelings to her with an engagement ring, but she thinks it's a joke. Everything that follows is a delight in both humorous and poignant ways. Jack Weyland chalks up another winner with this lively story of young love. Includes a free music CD of performances by TIME—the a cappella group on which Fast Forward is based.

Brittany   Top

Brittany is a bright, happy, and talented young woman. But transferring for her junior year from a small high school to a much larger one. Brittany is homesick and lonely. That’s why she’s grateful when a boy in her biology class goes out of his way to be friendly. Derek’s not exactly her type, but at a time when she’s struggling to fit in, it’s nice to have somebody smile and say hello. Unfortunately, Derek isn’t what he pretends to be. Brittany is the heart-wrenching story of a Latter-day Saint young woman who lives through a terrible nightmare.
Jake   Top

Nineteen-year-old Jake Petricelli is a young, buff, drop-dead handsome television star who is quickly gaining a reputation as every woman’s heartthrob. He’s had his pick of girls, but up until now he’s never met anyone quite like Andrea Warner.

The trouble is, Jake’s not exactly Andrea’s type and the only way he knows how to get close to her is to pretend to be something he’s not.

In Jake, best-selling author Jack Weyland introduces us to an unlikely couple. Readers will fall in love with Jake and Andrea and yearn for them to find some common ground. But what can you do if you’re a Mormon girl, brought up to believe in temple marriage, and the only boy you’ve ever loved is not only a nonmember but a selfish, chronic liar?

short stories
Emily   Top

Austin has only thought of Emily as the kid sister of his best friend. But Emily has other ideas. While Austin is on his mission, his parents are planning the rest of his life, and those plans don't include Emily. Then in one brief accident, Emily's hope for a promising communications career and a temple marriage turn into excruciating pain.

In this moving Jack Weyland story, Emily's dreams are dashed when she's severely burned. After months of enduring skin grafts, debridement, and a painful recovery at a burn center, Emily returns to college labeled as "disabled and disfugured." With her self-esteem riddled by the strange looks, insensitive comments, and callous behavior directed at her, Emily is devastated emotionally as well as physically scarred. The Savior's help and healing, an understanding bishop, and others help her to endure.

Emily loses herself in the service of others and finds a rejuvenated spirit in the process. But when Austin returns from his mission, she wonders if he will see that rejuvenated spirit or just a reconstructed face? Jack Weyland tells a moving love story that illustrates what it takes to overcome adversity, to grow spiritually, and to reclaim your dreams.

Jack Weyland
Ashley & Jen   Top

Seventeen-year-old Ashley Bailey has it all. With her perky personality, good looks, impressive GPA, and cheerful attitude, she is the "perfect teenager."

That´s why everyone is surprised when Ashley begins hanging out with Jennifer Hobbs. Jen runs with the renegades at school, hates church, and comes from a broken home. Everybody know´s she´s trouble.

But things aren´t always what they seem. Ashley has a dark secret. And there´s another side to Jen that´s struggling to emerge.

In his latest entertaining novel, author Jack Weyland explores once again the fun and frustration that are part of growing up while he also illuminates a secretive and destructive behavior that plagues a surprisingly large number of young women.

Ashley and Jen. Theirs is a story you´re not likely to forget.